Assateague Island - Winter Has Come and Gone

It’s well into 2019 and about time for a blog post, even though it is multiple months late. I was once again back at Assateague Island National Seashore. It has become one of my favourite locations for camping and photos Stateside. My Assateague trip last year didn’t yield too many mini-horse photos; in fact I didn’t get too many photos at all and don’t think I posted any. I did learn that sleeping on the beach under a night sky is actually quite awful. It turns out sand is uncomfortable, as are ghost crabs crawling over you and sand fleas feasting on your flesh. But that is a complaint best saved for face-to-face moaning.

This time my wife and I explored the colder side of camping, spending two nights on the bay side during a chilly March. The park was quite empty, and the mosquitoes that plague visitors during the summer are gloriously absent. As it happens no crowds and not being eaten alive are two of my favourite things, so this was a great trip.

We had a couple close encounters of the equestrian kind, both in the campsite and further out in the dunes. I could go on at some length about how fascinating these horses are, how they live a tough life out in the dunes surviving both the elements and human idiocy. But I have already probably written more than you or I are interested in reading, so I’ll leave you these photos of wild fluffy horses, along with a handful from Pocomoke State Forest and Blackwater Wildlife Refuge.