SCCA MARRS July at Summit Point Raceway

Since I was a kid I’ve loved motorsports. My obsession (much to the bemusement of my wife) has always been Formula 1, but I love just about anything that goes around a track. I used to go to the local track in Cape Town, Killarney, with my dad, and I remember ogling over massive Porsche 917k at a classic car event. I’m also one of those millennial that spends a lot of time driving pretend cars in simulators (not games, definitely simulators), but the one thing I’ve never really done is photograph motorsports. The last motorsports event I attended was the A1GP (remember that?) race in 2006 where I used my dad’s Fujifilm point-and-shoot to take photos through the catch-fencing. In the 12 years since then I’ve moved to the states, got my photography degree, upgraded my equipment, run a minimally successful photography business, and driven a lot of pretend racing laps. 

 So it was with great excitement that I headed out to Summit Point in West Virginia to check the SCCA MARRS event this past weekend. Summit Point Raceway is a small and charming racetrack that was hosting this regional amateur event. It wasn’t fancy (a lot of wooden fences instead of barriers) but the racing was good and it was awesome to finally get to take photos of cars going round and round quickly. The photos themselves aren’t my best, motorsports photography is a bit of a different art that I am still wrapping my head around. But there are more events upcoming that I will be photographing, so we’ll see if I can tighten things up a bit. I also couldn’t resist doing some black and white photos, and I think those are the ones I ended up liking the most.