Portfolio Update - Rugby

Like all good South African boys, I love rugby. One of my first photography gigs was photographing rugby for the local rugby team that played in the second tier provincial rugby tournament in George. I was only paid something like R40 (barely $3) per match, but one of the plusses was it got me access to the one big international tournament that was held at the stadium; the South African leg of the International Sevens World Series. That was a big deal, and the I absolutely loved the two years I got to go to. Especially 2008, where I got to know some of the players and the Springboks ended up winning the tournament on home soil for the first time.

 I haven't photographed rugby in many years. Whilst rugby is technically the fastest growing team sport in the US, there's still not a whole lot of professional rugby work available. I'm looking at getting back into it though, as well as picking up some other sports gigs too, but we shall see.