Purse State Park

It's been nearly two years since I last made a post, but I am sill around. Life has been happening, but I'm taking the time to do a little spring cleaning to my photo library. Part of that is actually editing photos I've taken recently, another part is editing photos that I took a while ago but didn't get round to doing. The other project is finally getting my website to a state where I can show it to people without saying "I need to fix that". 

 First step is to publish my most recent set of photos from purse State Park in MD. Nestled down in the southern edge of Maryland, Purse State is mostly known for it's rich fossil hunting. The Potomac river has been eating away at the ancient cretaceous seabed and washing out fossils onto the river banks, making Purse State a popular spot for fossil hunters and families looking to keep the kids busy during the summer. 

Of course I don't have any photos of fossils here; the ones my wife and I found were mostly tiny sharks teeth and the like. I'm planning some creative things with them for a later date, expect that and some other blog posts as I sort through things. Inn the meantime, enjoy these photos of this deserted riverside beach.