Assateague Island

I'll have to keep it short today, my editor-in-chief (wife) is unavailable at the moment and I wouldn't think it fair to subject my readers (hi, Mom and Dad) to too much of my raw, uncooked prose. 

 In August I'll be heading to Assateague Island National Seashore for some Summer camping. It is going to be obnoxiously hot (upper 30°s), and the place is notorious for mosquitoes, but there are wild mini ponies on the island. And what suffering is not made tolerable by the prospect of mini ponies frolicking in the sea breeze.

 A couple of weeks ago we went out the park for some recon, and I finally got to test out my second-hand telephoto lens I had picked up. Turns out it works quite well, which was a pleasant surprise. So I got plenty photos of seagulls flying around. Most of the day the lighting was quite harsh and not that great to work with, but I tried to experiment a little bit. My taste in photos has changed a little bit in the last few years, so there are some high-contrast, high-gain, slightly blurred pictures. They were shot that way on purpose in the name of art. Honest.