Shenandoah National Park

Oh my god a blog post!!!!!

Yes, I am still maintaining the photographic side of my life. Barely. I am taking advantage of my new glasses and working through some photos that have yet to be given a good going over. Being able to see certainly helps.

 Last year, I went camping with some friends at Big Meadows in Shenandoah. Mostly I just drank wine and rode my bike and most of that mostly was the drinking wine. But I did manage to get some fine art in. The day we left we got up early to see the sunrise--a lot less appealing after heavy wine consumption but still I dragged my corpse out of bed and set off into the cold forest to romantically watch the sunrise with my wife. The forest ended up being in the way of the sunrise so we didn't see much, but the light falling on the big meadow in Big Meadows was fantastic. Mr. Deer was following a lady doe all over the meadow and graced my landscapes with his noble presence. Or perhaps he was trailing after a Mrs. Deer who was rather miffed at the romantic sunrise viewing her husband had ruined. But perhaps I am projecting.