Preservation50 Launch

Why do I post at such odd time, you ask? Well, you should mind your own business. But it's because in my real life job this is when I get off work.

 But in my make-believe job as a professional photographer, I have been photographing important events on Capitol Hill. The event was the launch of Preservation50, a year long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act. And I'll quote their website here to explain it further, because I don't like writing stuff that has already been written by someone else.


Preservation50 is the United States’ four-year effort to celebrate, learn from, and leverage the National Historic Preservation Act’s first five decades to assure historic preservation’s vibrant future in America.


- Build a strong coalition of partners to power a more effective national preservation movement.
Learn from the first 50 years of NHPA to plan its future.
- Tell the story to a broad range of Americans of the great value of preserving historic places.
- Educate for sound policies and enhanced funding support for heritage preservation.
- Engage and develop the preservation movement’s future leaders.

Well, that's already proved me wrong; 4 years, not one. So let's just get on with this quickly.

I am sharing this not just to show off that I got a photography gig, but because I do love archaeology and history, and as such I think that what they are doing is pretty cool. 

Here's the link, now I'm going to bed.